Driver Training Stockton on Tees

For most people, developing any illness or disability can be life changing in more ways than we can ever realise.

If you have been used to driving regularly and then, without warning or explanation you develop a ‘phobia’ or suddenly feel anxious whilst driving a journey or route you have may driven many times before this could be the start of something you may need to seek help to address.

In truth, and no matter what many other professionals may say, there is no ‘magic’ cure. However, what there is available to you, is the opportunity to try and deal with the phobia, anxiety or ‘gremlins’ that are creating the problem in a manner that best fits both your personal lifestyle and needs.

If you are affected by this, or know someone who may benefit from help and support, please contact me via e-mail or the telephone number on this site to see if I can help…what have you got to lose?

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