Driver Training Stockton on Tees

I am registered with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for the purpose of delivering ‘Fleet’ driver training.

I have a number of other qualifications, skills and experiences, including vehicle maintenance and collision investigation which enables me to provide something extra.

From the ‘Employers’ perspective Fleet Driver Training can help you manage the Health and Safety risks associated with employees who are engaged in driving activities as part of their employment be that high or low mileages.

There are many aspects to this training, from a basic assessment of the employees driving and thereafter providing the relevant training to either improve or assist them maintain an existing skill.

In addition, there is the potential for reducing the associated ‘Direct Costs’ involved with company vehicles such as;

· Improved fuel efficiency

· Lower insurance premiums

· Reduced vehicle maintenance

· Fewer vehicles off the road

And then there are the potential ‘Indirect Costs’ for example;

· Reduced compensation claims from employees and third parties

· Reduced legal fees

· Lower work related stress

· Fewer lost working days

· Less ‘investigation’ paperwork and associated time

Other issues that may be considered include Drink or Drug related driving, general fatigue and also the use of mobile phones.

Health and Safety legislation is something that both the employer and their employees have a legal duty to comply with and the wider implications, in terms of the overall risks for those involved in the use of motor vehicles during the course of their business or employment cannot and should not be underestimated.

Add to this the fact that many have not received any training since they passed their initial driving test …ask yourself when did you last read the Highway code or have an assessment of your driving… and suddenly the risks begin to expose themselves.

In simple terms, to the ‘Employer’;

‘Protect the investments you have in your employees and vehicle fleet’

To the ‘Employee’;

‘Ask your employer for training…you know it makes sense…’

Please call to discuss your requirements.

Training can be provided to individuals, on a 121 basis or to groups, in respect of the theory phase of the programme followed by individual driver assessment and training.

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